Bio-computing computing include the development and use of methods of mathematical modeling of theoretical computational simulation and analysis techniques for testing of the data in the field of cognitive and behavioral biology of social systems and computational methods and advanced algorithms are included based on the platform of information technology to study and analyze the data and systems biology and the use of the results of n applied in the forecasting and modeling in order to fix the problems and responses to issues of high importance in the This area is. Bio-computing as an interdisciplinary scientific branches, a combination of science, computer science, including: mohatlf, applied mathematics, statistics, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, genetics, ecology, and cognitive science is. Due to the growth of processing power of computers and the ability to use the Web platform for interaction and data integrity in the fields of distributed computing, complex biological computing as much ability to derive knowledge from data is incredibly complex biology of پیداکرده which causes the rapid growth of this branch of science position in the commercial market in the fields of agriculture, medicine, genetics, biology