Center of Biocomputing

This Center by taking advantage of the presence of highly qualified researchers and experts in the field of bio-computing, the possibility of doing research and practical implementation of the project activities at the national and international levels in order to achieve the first place in this area until the end of the fifth development plan will attempt to provide service if the capability in this field at national and regional level be achieved. The Center in the field of research and operational studies, in the field of systems biology, proteomics, drug design, and other specialized areas of health, agriculture and other fields of their activity has been started, the main activities of the Center, research and development, particularly in the field of specialized databases, e-services and training through activities in the field of Technology Center. This Center as the first specialized in the field of bio-Computing Center with various academic and scientific collections in the fields of engineering, biology, medicine and agricultural cooperation. Major research and services center in the fields of proteomics, , drug design, systems biology, bioinformatics, modelling of structures