The Mission of the bio-Computing Center

The development and use of bio-computing, and computational biology field in the different fields of medical sciences and health-evaluation, research, design and implementation in the field of tools, databases, algorithms, methods, modelling, applied systems. -Analysis, forecasting (Prediction), standards, data mining, pattern matching on the subject of the bio-computing application development and bio-computing-biotech and pharmaceutical biotechnology in various fields, especially the design of medicines and their mechanism of action and e-health and the health of the country to promote bio-stem and applied research in the field of biotechnology and bio-computing implementation of national projects in the field of bio-computing and biotechnology in collaboration with the devices and Related organizations-organization and use of a specialized group of researchers interested in a constructive interaction between the experts in computer sciences and medical sciences to joint projects between the string and the string otaamel with the cooperation within the Association of bio-computing and foreign biotech and research centers in the area of relevant internal and external, in order to make use of the experiences of the internal and external researchers and